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Norstray & Nuart, a global provider of medical solutions. 

In the search to offer innovative and unique products that will improve patients' lives, Norstray & Nuart was created. A group of medical solutions from Sweden, part of a conglomerate and thanks to their teamwork, fulfills the current needs of the global healthcare systems.

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Norstray & Nuart’s specialized line of pharmaceuticals offers a broad range of generic solutions with one specific objective: to improve the quality of the patient’s life and as a result, contribute to the constant and positive growth of the global healthcare systems.

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M&H Care, our line of medical devices has a wide variety of essential products in the daily activities in the health care industry. Our innovative and high-quality portfolio acts as the right-hand for institutions and specialists that seek to fulfill and provide for the patients’ needs.

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Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

DASP - Drapes & Surgical Packs

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